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Mission Statement

Blue Stream Academy Ltd. recognises that it has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods, with regular review points. We will encourage customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.

Policy Aims

We endeavour to:

  • Comply with and exceed all relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Continually improve and monitor environmental performance.
  • Continually improve and reduce environmental impacts.
  • Incorporate environmental factors into business decisions.
  • Increase employee awareness and training.


  • We will minimise the use of paper in the office.
  • We will reduce packaging as much as possible.
  • We will seek to buy recycled and recyclable paper products.
  • We will reuse and recycle all paper where possible.

Energy and Water

  • We will seek to reduce the amount of energy used as much as possible.
  • Lights and electrical equipment will be switched off when not in use.
  • Heating will be adjusted with energy consumption in mind.
  • The energy consumption and efficiency of new products will be taken into account when purchasing.

Office Supplies

  • We will evaluate if the need can be met in another way.
  • We will evaluate if renting/sharing is an option before purchasing equipment.
  • We will evaluate the environmental impact of any new products we intend to purchase.
  • We will seek to buy more environmentally friendly and efficient products.
  • We will reuse and recycle everything we are able to.


  • We will reduce the need to travel, restricting to necessity trips only.
  • We will promote the use of travel alternatives such as e-mail or video/phone conferencing.
  • We will make additional efforts to accommodate the needs of those using public transport or bicycles.

Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Cleaning materials will be as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • Materials used in office refurbishment will be as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • We will only use licensed and appropriate organisations to dispose of waste.

Monitoring and Improvement

  • We will comply with and exceed all relevant regulatory requirements.
  • We will continually improve and monitor environmental performance.
  • We will continually improve and reduce environmental impacts.
  • We will incorporate environmental factors into business decisions.
  • We will Increase employee awareness through training.


  • We will involve staff in the implementation of this policy, for greater commitment and improved performance.
  • We will update this policy at least annually in consultation with staff and other stakeholders where necessary.
  • We will provide staff with relevant environmental training.
  • We will work with suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors to improve their environmental performance.
  • We will use local labour and materials where available to reduce CO2 and help the community.





Blue Stream Academy Ltd. is committed to promoting a supportive and inclusive culture for all of our employees, customers and learners. We aim to ensure that no job applicant, employee, customer or learner experiences less favourable treatment on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, religion, ethnic or national origin, age, gender reassignment or parental/marital status, sexual orientation or disability. By integrating individual strengths, we will maximise efficiency and creativity, and deliver greater customer service.


Blue Stream Academy Ltd. will work to ensure that employees are:

  • Treated fairly and without discrimination during their employment, commencing with the recruitment process and have access to promotions when available based on merit.
  • Fairly appraised and rewarded for personal contributions to the organisation, taking into account internal and external comparisons and affordability.
  • Able to work in a healthy and safe environment free from hazards.
  • Able to access opportunities for training and development to develop to their full potential.
  • Supported in balancing work and home life commitments and have requests considered objectively.
  • Treated with dignity and respect in a fair and consistent manner in an environment where inappropriate behaviour is not acceptable.

Roles and responsibilities

Blue Stream Academy Ltd. is committed to promoting equality for all. If an employee feels they have been subject to discrimination in employment, which is in direct conflict with our commitment to equality of opportunity, they should raise this with a director.

All employees have a responsibility to treat others with dignity and respect. If an employee is found to have acted in a deliberately discriminatory manner, appropriate disciplinary procedures will apply.

All employees, customers and learners will be informed that an equality and diversity policy is in operation and are bound to comply with its requirements. This policy will also be drawn to the attention of funding agencies, stakeholders and job applicants though appropriate communication channels.

It is expected that when staff are representing Blue Stream Academy Ltd. in an external capacity, and as part of their role, that they will endeavour to ensure that equality and diversity principles and practices are adhered to.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Blue Stream Academy Ltd. will regularly evaluate its services and the effectiveness of its equality and diversity policy.

Review of this Policy

Blue Stream Academy Ltd. commitment to equality and diversity is an active one. This document will be amended on a regular basis as part of this active commitment.

Blue Stream Academy Ltd. will seek to keep up-to-date with new developments in Equality and Diversity practice and actively seek information on this issue.




The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25th May 2018. We have spent significant time and resources, working with expert GDPR compliance consultants in order to make the relevant preparations to ensure that our training, policies, procedures and processes reflect these changes and that we are compliant.

We have also contacted all of our 3rd party suppliers and strategic partners to ensure that they too are compliant with GDPR.

Additionally, we have attained ISO:27001 Certification which provides our customers with further reassurance of how seriously we take the security and privacy of their data.

Please read our updated Privacy Policy in full; by continuing to use our services, you’ll be agreeing to the revisions. This policy provides additional information about what we do and sets out your rights in line with the GDPR.

Upon their next login, all existing and new users will be presented with our updated Terms and Conditions which must be accepted before continuing use of our services; by agreeing to them you accept that you will receive the automated emails necessary for our online training platform to perform as required.

Should you no longer wish to receive newsletters, announcements, updates and/or marketing emails from us you can either click on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of our emails, or email us at info@bluestreamacademy.com with “Unsubscribe” in the subject line. This will not affect your use of our service; however, you may miss out on information that could be of benefit or interest to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Below are some frequently asked questions about Blue Stream Academy Ltd. and GDPR:

What information does Blue Stream Academy Ltd. collect?

  • Name and job title.
  • Contact information including email address and telephone number.
  • Demographic information such as your place of work.
  • Competencies, skills and qualifications.
  • Training records.
  • Profile pictures.
  • Membership details of registered regulatory organisations.
  • Working hours.
  • Absence requests.
  • Payroll information.
  • Network/device information and data relating to your use of our website, applications, products and services.
  • Purchasing/billing information.
  • Any other information that you choose to send to us.

Why do Blue Stream Academy Ltd. need to collect this information?

We require this information to understand your needs and provide you with a better service, and in particular for the following reasons:

  • To provide organisations and their employees with training records.
  • To administer accounts.
  • Internal record keeping.
  • To facilitate the management of employee attendance and absence.
  • To provide workforce planning features and functions.
  • To verify accounts/activities.
  • To promote safety and security inside and outside of our products/services, such as by investigation suspicious activity or violation of our terms, conditions and policies.
  • To obtain feedback to improve our products and services.
  • To send marketing communications about our products/services.
  • To let users know about any changes to our terms, conditions, policies or procedures.
  • To respond to users when they contact us.
  • To contact you for market research purposes or to test features in development.
  • To customise the website according to user requirements.

Do Blue Stream Academy Ltd. require consent from users?

We do not require signed consent from Users (Data Subjects) for the transfer of their records. Once the Organisation (Data Controller) has registered with Blue Stream Academy Ltd. (Data Processor), they (the Organisation) have consented to the Users data being processed as part of their agreement with us.

Do organisations who use Blue Stream Academy Ltd.’s services require consent from their employees before allowing the data to be processed?

Whilst it is ultimately the responsibility of the Organisation to ascertain their own requirements/obligations under GDPR; generally speaking, given the terms of the User’s employment, it would reasonably be expected that their data would be used for such purposes as the recording of training etc. negating any need for consent in this instance.

Basis for Processing Data

As a provider of online training and HR services our basis for processing your data is to fulfill a contract with you or, for your benefit, with your employer.

We also have a legitimate interest in processing other information about you for the purpose of the smooth running of our business, for marketing and for planning purposes.

Where is our data stored?

Blue Stream Academy Ltd. processes the data provided by users via a secure data centre located in the United Kingdom; this is backed up off site on a regular basis using DropBox cloud hosting. You can read about DropBox’s Privacy Policy here and about their GDPR compliance here.

How long do Blue Stream Academy Ltd. store data for?

After an organisation ceases to be a Blue Stream Academy Ltd. customer, their data and that of their users is retained for a period of six years; unless a direct and authorised request for deletion has been made.

Following the implementation of GDPR, what is the process for users who want to transfer their training records?

Users wanting to transfer their training records to a new Organisation must initially request this from the Organisation currently holding their data, who will in turn provide us with the request.

Following the implementation of GDPR, what is the process for users who want to delete their training records?

Users wanting to delete their training records must request this from the Organisation currently holding their data, who will in turn provide us with the request.

IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of the Organisation to ensure that they do not have legal obligations/requirements requiring them to retain the data, or reasonable grounds for doing so. Once data has been deleted in cannot reinstated.

How can I find out want information Blue Stream Academy Ltd. holds about me?

If you would like a copy of the information held about you please write to Stuart Walsh - Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) - Blue Stream Academy Ltd., Suites 11, 12, 15 and 16 - Riverside Business Centre, Milford, Derbyshire, DE56 0RN or email stuart@bluestreamacademy.com.

Should you have any further queries or questions relating to this or any other matter, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Department via email to info@bluestreamacademy.com or telephone 01773 822549.

Vision – To standardise the UK’s healthcare training, for a consistent delivery of quality care.

Mission – Our mission is to assist with the delivery of the highest quality of patient care, through better staff education, experience and development. We want to do this by implementing a national standard of healthcare training throughout the UK, to ensure a patient-centred approach to care is provided for all.

The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only and the information is provided by Blue Stream Academy Ltd. Whilst we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this website.

Through this website you are able to link to other websites which are not under the control of Blue Stream Academy Ltd. We have no control over the nature, content and availability of those sites. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them.

Every effort is made to keep the website up and running smoothly. However, Blue Stream Academy Ltd. takes no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, the website being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control.




1.       Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions are our ‘General Terms’ and they apply to every ‘Competition’ and/or ‘Promotion’ that we, Blue Stream Academy Ltd, administer.


Each Competition/Promotion will also have its own specific terms and conditions explaining how to enter, what the opening/closing dates are, what the Competition/Promotion winner’s prize will be etc. The ‘Specific Terms’ will be published in the relevant web postings, social media posts and/or magazine article that is promoting the relevant Competition/Promotion.


You should always read these General Terms together with the Specific Terms. If any Specific Terms conflict with these General Terms, the Specific Terms will take precedence.


We may change these General Terms at any time so you should check this page regularly for any changes. Changes will apply from the date that they are published on this page.


By entering any Competition/Promotion you are accepting that you will be legally bound by these General Terms and the applicable Specific Terms.


We recommend you print or save a copy of these General Terms for future reference during the Competition/Promotion.


2.       The Promoter


The promoter will be Blue Stream Academy Ltd. (Company Number: 08021406), with its address at Suites 11, 12, 15 and 16 - Riverside Business Centre, Foundry Lane, Milford, Derbyshire DE56 0RN, unless specified otherwise in the Specific Terms.


3.       Eligibility


Unless we impose a particular age limit for a Competition/Promotion, they are open to all persons aged 18 and over who are residents in the country set out in the Specific Terms.


Some Competitions/Promotion may have additional eligibility requirements; all eligibility requirements will be detailed in the applicable Specific Terms.


Whether any eligibility requirement has or has not been met is always at our sole discretion and we may require evidence or confirmation from entrants before awarding prizes.


Blue Stream Academy Ltd. employees and their immediate families (and the employees of any third-party sponsors, prize providers or their immediate families) may not enter any Competition/Promotion.


4.       Entries


a)       Giveaway Competitions/Promotions


Giveaway Competitions/Promotions are free to enter but may be subject to eligibility i.e. existing customers only, new customers only etc. To enter, simply visit our website, social media channels and/or read our BSA Today magazine and following the relevant instructions. Multiple entries are not accepted for giveaway Competitions/Promotions.


b)       Deficient entries


In all Competitions/Promotion, we reserve the right to reject any entries that are incomplete, incomprehensible, damaged or otherwise deficient. We also reserve the right to reject entries that are unlawful, indecent, racist, inflammatory, defamatory or which we consider to be otherwise harmful. We accept no responsibility for any late, lost or misdirected entries including but not limited to texts, calls or emails not received due to technical disruptions, network congestion, loss in service of online entry mechanisms, computer error in transit or any other reason. Proof of posting of any postal entry will not be proof of our receipt of that entry.


c)        Automated Entry


The use of any automated entry software or any other mechanical or electronic means that permits any person/organisation to enter any Competition/Promotion repeatedly is prohibited.


d)       Names


Entrants must enter Competitions/Promotion using their legal name only. We reserve the right to disqualify any entrant who uses multiple names and to require them to return any prize they may have won.


e)        Multiple Entries


Unless otherwise permitted pursuant to the applicable Specific Terms, no person/organisation may enter any Competition/Promotion more than once and persons/organisations may not enter or participate as part of a syndicate or on behalf of any other person, organisation, syndicate, group, society or company. If we suspect that an individual/organisation has established a fake email address and/or social media page to circumvent this rule, we reserve the right to disqualify all entries that we reasonably believe were generated by that individual/organisation.


f)         Prize Limits


Unless specifically mentioned in the Specific Terms, there is no limit on the value of a single prize that may be provided to the individual winners of a Competition/Promotion. However, no person/organisation or persons/organisations at the same address may win more than one prize valued at £500 or more via any of our Competitions/Promotion in any six (6) month period.


g)       Retrospective Effect


Where an entrant or prize winner has been found to be in breach of any of the terms and conditions of a Competition/Promotion and in particular where a person/organisation is in breach of the entry restrictions set out in paragraphs 4. c) to 4. h), we may still enforce our right to disqualify that person/organisation and require the return or reimbursement to us of any prize even where a prize has been awarded and/or actually provided to the entrant or prize winner in question.


h)       Inappropriate Behaviour


We reserve the right to disqualify an entrant, or to refuse or withdraw a Prize, if an entrant or a winner threatens or abuses one of our employees, or otherwise conducts themselves in a manner that we reasonably regard as inappropriate, offensive or unlawful.


5.       Prizes


We reserve the right (when reasonably required to do so) to replace the stated prizes with prizes that we consider to be of broadly equivalent value. We offer no cash alternative for non-cash prizes and prize winners must accept prizes in the form offered.


All prize winners will be notified that they have won a prize within twenty eight (28) days of the closing date of the Competition/Promotion via at least one of the following methods:


a)        by telephone;

b)       by email; or

c)        in writing


Prizes will be dispatched to the winners via the UK mail service, unless otherwise stated. We will not be liable for any prizes which are lost, delayed, or damaged in the post for reasons beyond our reasonable control. Further details will be set out in the Specific Terms and/or given to winners when they are notified that they’ve won.


Prizes will be delivered to an address within the country outlined in the Specific Terms. Should a prize winner’s contact details change, it is their responsibility to notify us or the contact person(s) detailed in the Competition/Promotion’s Specific Terms.


We reserve the right to request proof of a prize winner’s identity in the form of a passport or driver’s licence and proof of address in the form of a utility bill. In the event that a prize winner cannot provide us with proof of identity and/or address that is reasonably acceptable to us, we may withdraw the prize and select another prize winner.


All prizes are subject to availability, non-transferable and non-exchangeable. Where prizes consist of entry tickets, attendance at events, holidays and similar time-specific benefits, they must be taken on the dates specified by us (or any relevant third-party provider). Prize winners will forfeit any element of their prize that they do not take at the time stipulated in the Specific Terms. No cash will be awarded in lieu of that prize or any part of it.


Any tax or other charges payable as a result of a prize being awarded or received will be the responsibility of the winner. Winners should seek independent financial advice prior to accepting a prize if this is a concern.


We make no representation or warranty in relation to prizes provided and to the fullest extent permitted by law we shall have no liability to you in relation to any prize, its fitness for purpose, merchantability or otherwise. We reserve the right to disqualify entrants from entering our Competitions/Promotions or prize winners from receiving their prizes where any such person/organisation engages in unsafe, illegal, unsociable or inappropriate behaviour.


All stated prize values are at the supplier’s recommended retail price in pounds sterling and are, to the best of our knowledge and belief, correct at the time of printing. We take no responsibility for any fluctuations in prize values. We award cash prizes in the form of a cheque in the name of the prize winner. Any other arrangement will be at our discretion.


No additional, further or other costs or expenses are included in any prize unless stated. For example, the costs of transport to and from a venue for an event are not included and any accommodation prize includes basic room charge only.


Third-party suppliers of prizes may also often stipulate their own terms, conditions or restrictions and all prize winners agree to be bound by these. Subject to paragraph 19, Blue Stream Academy Ltd. shall have no liability in relation to any prize provided by a third-party provider.


6.       Unclaimed Prizes


All prizes must be claimed within seven (7) days of our notification of winning unless otherwise stated in the Specific Terms.


We reserve the right to award prizes unclaimed after these periods to alternative prize winners or not to award them at all.


If you call to claim a prize from a ‘withheld number’ line you must provide us with your contact details; otherwise we may be unable to contact you and you may as a result forfeit your prize.


7.       Publicity and Personal Information


The personal information supplied by entrants when entering our Competitions/Promotions will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You should always read our Privacy Policy in addition to these General Terms and the Specific Terms. All entrants may have their details removed from our database by contacting us or via the unsubscribe messages in emails sent by us. If details are removed prior to the conclusion of the Competition/Promotion and/or award of prize(s), entrants will forfeit their right to claim any prizes.


If you are required to submit a third-party’s personal information to enter or participate in a Competition/Promotion, you must ensure that the person/organisation whose details you submit has given their consent for you to provide us with their details.


It is a condition of entry to all our Competitions/Promotions that we have the right to publish the name, organisation and likeness, where relevant of Competition/Promotion entrants and winners.


Entrants, particularly prize winners, may be required to participate in photo, recording, video and/or filming session(s). You agree that we shall have the right to use all the resulting publicity materials in any media and in any manner we see fit, unless you advise us at the time of entering the Competition/Promotion that you wish to retain your anonymity. If you elect for anonymity, we may not be able to include you in certain Competitions/Promotions. This includes providing these materials to our third-party prize providers for the purposes of promoting their association with the Competition/Promotion and awarding the relevant prizes.


No fees shall be payable to any entrant in relation to the use of publicity materials.


Further details of how any personal data will be used are set out in our Privacy Policy.


8.       Photographs and Videos


If a Competition/Promotion requires entrants to submit a photograph and/or video clip to enter or participate in a Competition/Promotion:


a)       entrants warrant that they are the person in the photograph or video and/or they have prior consent from all persons in the photograph or video to submit it as part of their entry;


b)      entrants agree that we have the right to publish and communicate to the public the photographs in any media without restriction or limitation throughout the world and not only for the purposes of the Competition/Promotion;


c)       entrants acknowledge that we may edit the photographs or video in our sole discretion;


d)      entrants agree that we have the right to use names, likenesses and other personal information submitted in conjunction with the photograph or video;


e)      entrants agree not to bring any actions, suits, claims and demands against us in respect of defamation or any infringement or violation of any personal and/or property rights of any sort from our use of their photograph or video; and


f)         entrants unconditionally waive their right to seek or obtain an injunction to prevent or restrict our use of the photographs.


9.       Social Media


Where Competitions/Promotion are promoted on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn you acknowledge that the Competition/Promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You understand that you are providing your information to the Promoter and not to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and that Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn has no liability for any element of the Competition/Promotion.


By participating in any Competition/Promotion involving Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, to the extent permissible by law, you the entrant hereby release Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn (as applicable) from any and all claims, damages or liabilities arising from or relating to your participation in the promotion.


Where a promotion allows for entry via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, entries must be made using a legitimate Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account (as relevant). Entries from entrants using multiple Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts are not permitted and all such entries will be disqualified, and any prize award forfeited.


Where a Competition/Promotion requires entry via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, all participants must have access to the internet and an active Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn (as applicable). If you do not have such an account, you will need to create one in order to participate and you will require an active email address in order to do this.


Any entries via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn will also be subject to the Social Media platform’s (as applicable) terms of use which can be found at https://twitter.com/en/tos, https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms and https://www.linkedin.com/legal/user-agreement.


10.   Discount Offers


Unless otherwise specified, promotional codes and/or discount offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


Selected platforms/services may be excluded; please see the offer details for further information.


Any refunds will take into account the discount applied as part of the offer.


Blue Stream Academy reserves the right to decline to accept orders where, in its reasonable opinion, a promotion code or discount is invalid for the order being placed or is the subject of fraudulent activity.


11.   Prize Draws


Where any prize is awarded via a prize draw, prize winners will be chosen at random from all qualifying entries within twenty eight (28) days of the Competition/Promotion closing date or as otherwise specified in the Specific Terms.


If we become aware that the same person/organisation has been selected as a prize winner more than once, we will draw another entry.


12.   New/Existing Customers


A ‘New Customer’ is defined as an organisation that has not signed an agreement to use Blue Stream Academy Ltd. services prior to the specified start date of the Competition/Promotion.


An ‘Existing Customer’ is defined as an organisation that has signed an agreement to use Blue Stream Academy Ltd. services prior to the specified start date of the Competition/Promotion.


13.   Copyright


By entering our Competitions/Promotion all entrants:


a)       Assign to us all rights (including present and future copyright) in their entry and their publicity materials in all media (including, without limitation, the internet) and whether in existence now or created in the future.


b)      Agree not to assert any moral rights in respect of their entry and the publicity materials (wherever and whenever such rights are recognised) against the Blue Stream Academy Ltd, its assigns, licensees and successors in title.


c)       Undertake to us that their entry is not in breach of any third-party intellectual property rights and will not contain anything, which is defamatory, indecent, harassing or threatening and that they will indemnify us for any loss, damage or liability arising should this turn out not to be true. If relevant, we reserve the right, but not the obligation (and without limiting entrants' warranty and indemnity as set out above), to screen, filter and/or monitor information provided by the entrant and to edit, refuse to distribute or remove the same.


d)      Confirm that they have the right, power and authority to grant the rights set out above and that they have obtained all consents and permissions necessary to grant us the same.


e)      For the avoidance of doubt, all rights in the name and title of the Competition/Promotion and the format rights for the Competition/Promotion are our sole property and we may exploit the same our absolute discretion.


14.   Interference and Other Issues


If for any reason any Competition/Promotion is not capable of running as planned as a result of any (including but not limited to) technical failures, unauthorised intervention, computer virus, mobile network failure, tampering, fraud or any other causes beyond our control which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of a Competition/Promotion, we reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Competition and/or any draw/s or judging related to the Competition/Promotion and/or to disqualify any individual who (whether directly or indirectly) causes (or has caused) the problem.


15.   Leave for Participation


Obtaining time off work and/or study or related activities to participate in a Competition/Promotion and/or take a prize will be the sole and absolute responsibility of each contestant.


16.   Termination of Competition


Blue Stream Academy Ltd. may vary the terms of, or terminate, a Competition/Promotion at any time at its absolute discretion. Termination or variation of a competition is without liability to any contestant or other person/organisation. Blue Stream Academy Ltd. will not award the prize if the Competition/Promotion is terminated.


17.   Final Decision


All our decisions relating to the Competition/Promotion and/or redemption of the prizes are final. No discussions or correspondence with entrants or any other person/organisation will be entered into.


Tiebreakers, disputes, conflicts, questions or concerns will be managed by us.


Where a Competition/Promotion involves voting, the accuracy of the pooled results received and published by us will be deemed to be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.


18.   No Waiver


A failure by us to enforce any one of the terms and conditions in any instance(s) will not give rise to any claim or right of action by any entrant or prize winner, nor shall it be deemed to be a waiver of any of our rights in relation to the same.


19.   Exclusion of Liability


Except as specifically set out herein and to the maximum extent permitted by law, all conditions, warranties and representations expressed or implied by law are hereby excluded.


To the fullest extent permitted by law, we hereby exclude and shall not have any liability to any entrant or prize winner in connection with or arising out of any Competition/Promotion howsoever caused, including for any costs, expenses, forfeited prizes, damages and other liabilities, provided that nothing herein shall operate so as to limit or exclude our liability for personal injury or death caused by our negligence. For the avoidance of doubt, this paragraph shall also apply in respect of any prize provided by a third-party provider.


In the event that any provision of these General (or any Specific) Terms are held to be illegal, invalid, void or otherwise unenforceable, it shall be severed from the remaining provisions which shall continue in full force and effect.


20.   Contacting Us


By Post: Blue Stream Academy Ltd. Suites 11, 12, 15 and 16 - Riverside Business Centre, Foundry Lane, Milford, Derbyshire DE56 0RZ


By Using our Website Contact Form: http://www.bluestreamacademy.com/home/contact


By Using our Website Live Chat Support: http://www.bluestreamacademy.com


By Telephone: +44 (0) 1773 822549


By Email: info@bluestreamacademy.com


By Direct Message on our Social Media Channels:


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bluestreamacademy

Twitter - https://twitter.com/BlueStreamNews

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/organization-guest/company/blue-stream-academy


21.   Laws


These General Terms (and any Specific Terms) shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of England and Wales.




These are a list of our sub processors:

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First Practice Management (FPM) Policy Management Service EU
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Jitsi Remote Working Service EU
LiveChat Inc. Live Chat Support US
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Microsoft Cloud Services UK
Survey Monkey Survey Management Canada
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